Thursday, November 13, 2008

great, big 'naked model' party

We've been joking that we are throwing a "great, big 'naked model' party" (yes, those exact words) but in truth it was just a strange occurrence. How'd it happen? There is a bit of back story, but I will attempt to condense it down to palatable ounces.

The person who house-sat for me while I was in NYC on a modeling tour is a photographer. On my last tour he was told by the people from whom he rented his studio/apartment that he they were rehabbing the building and raising the rent. So he moved into a friend's house that was empty while going through the closing process. It closed early and he was all set to move into an apartment-- but the old tenant does not want to leave. Currently he is living on my couch (and when he isn't working, cleaning my disastrous home.) Previous to this, when he was still living in his friend's house, he scheduled with a few out-of-town models for this weekend. Well, luckily I have spacious accommodations because everyone is staying here.

Here's the breakdown (please excuse the misuse of [brackets] through out this list, but I felt the need to distinguish the difference between the (parentheses) for clarity's sake)-- One model comes in tomorrow [gets the guest room], another model and her husband come in Saturday [they are bringing an inflatable mattress and get the floor, probably in the living room] another model (friend of the model who arrives on Friday) is also coming in on Friday [shares the guest room with Friday model], Photographer on the couch in the back den and me in my room. Full house. It gets more complicated with individual model's schedules, ie: who shoots with which Buffalo photographer when, but those are details on which neither I or the photographer are quite clear.

Picture Copyright Johnny Sandaire

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Always something when I come home

When I returned from NYC, I had the pleasant surprise of finding myself without internet and heat (the latter being the most critical.) It seems that over the summer something happened to my furnace. My house-sitter and I have yet to determine what. Hopefully I will hear back from a friend of the family who knows a guy who fixes furnaces. Until then, I have a fireplace (one so-called "luxury" in the minds of the modern world I refuse to live without due to experiences living in Buffalo. This marks my second time in three years where it was my only source of heat.)

As for the internet, it seems that my bank has been sending my payments to Time Warner's old address, regardless of the fact that I updated my account. Talking with a representative, it seems that I am not the only person who has experienced this unpleasant HSBC/Time Warner miscommunication phenomenon.

Picture copyright Eric Hanson