Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jacob Collins "Penelope"

The figure study drawing and painting Jacob Collins made of me entitled "Penelope," is up for exhibit/auction at Christie's until December 19th. 

Here is the figure study in the catalog:

An artist friend of mine who works at Christie's send me a few pictures of the completed piece:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

General Pencil's David Kassan Signature Collection charcoal set

A drawing of me by David Kassan is on General Pencil's David Kassan Signature Collection charcoal set.  Here is the ad that was featured in a few art magazine publications:

. . .and here is a pallet of them:
The same picture, entitled "Aubrey Looking Forward," is on display at the Henoch Gallery:

However, after the Hurricane it is hard to say whether or not it is still intact.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A collection of terrible cell phone pictures from on the road

I don't really take pictures.  However, here is a collection of some pictures from the past six months on the road.

Richmond, VA

I went to a BBQ festival in Greensboro, NC.  They thought I was under age and stamped me with baby feet.

My scroll of tickets from Greensboro, NC to Philadelphia, PA
. . .and there is more . . .
Philly is one of the few cities who still uses tokens.  They also give them to you in hermetically-sealed drug baggies.  I like to call them "five bags" or "ten bags" depending on the amount of tokens.  However, I do not ask the clerk for "ten bag" out loud. 
Street poetry on a traffic cone in Philadelphia Chinatown

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Once more with feeling!

Here is my latest dates and locations. More details as I figure them out. DC/Baltimore: May 27 - June 13th NYC: June 14th - 30th Buffalo: July 1 - July 14th Richmond, VA: July 15-19th NYC: July 20th-31st ---Mystery August--- Nudes in Nature: August 24-27th Richmond, VA: August 28??? NC: Early Sept??? NYC: September 15-30th
Taken by Peter Bilous

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Luggage Dilemmas

Once I found an all-right mini suitcase out by the curb and over the next two years, ran it into the ground. This is a picture of it from March. The zipper finally broke, so I packaged it up in clear duct tape so I could take it Back to Buffalo.

I ordered a new suitcase by Timbuk2, since their bags are usually indestructible.
(This is the face of compulsive suitcase organization.)

I say "usually indestructible" because due to terrible baggage handling in Pittsburgh, the handle of my other suitcase snapped. It was stuck in the upright position for about 5 bus trips in the past two months. However it took this one to kill it.

The folks handling my warranty request have been really nice. I am not sure if what happened to it is covered, but I am hoping there is some way to at least fix it since I don't think that model is manufactured anymore.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Touring the East Coast for lack of options.

I am on the "currently homeless" tour:
Philadelphia, PA: May 1st - May 6th
Pittsburgh, PA: May 7th - May 13th [b]maybe[/b]
NYC: May 14 - 26th
DC: May 27 - June 4th
Richmond, VA June 5th - 13th [b]maybe[/b]
NYC: June 14th - 30th
Burlington, VT: July 1st - July 6th [b]maybe[/b]
various places in North Carolina, depending on hosting: July 7 - July 14th [b]maybe[/b]
NYC: July 15-31st