Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Luggage Dilemmas

Once I found an all-right mini suitcase out by the curb and over the next two years, ran it into the ground. This is a picture of it from March. The zipper finally broke, so I packaged it up in clear duct tape so I could take it Back to Buffalo.

I ordered a new suitcase by Timbuk2, since their bags are usually indestructible.
(This is the face of compulsive suitcase organization.)

I say "usually indestructible" because due to terrible baggage handling in Pittsburgh, the handle of my other suitcase snapped. It was stuck in the upright position for about 5 bus trips in the past two months. However it took this one to kill it.

The folks handling my warranty request have been really nice. I am not sure if what happened to it is covered, but I am hoping there is some way to at least fix it since I don't think that model is manufactured anymore.

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