Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Always something when I come home

When I returned from NYC, I had the pleasant surprise of finding myself without internet and heat (the latter being the most critical.) It seems that over the summer something happened to my furnace. My house-sitter and I have yet to determine what. Hopefully I will hear back from a friend of the family who knows a guy who fixes furnaces. Until then, I have a fireplace (one so-called "luxury" in the minds of the modern world I refuse to live without due to experiences living in Buffalo. This marks my second time in three years where it was my only source of heat.)

As for the internet, it seems that my bank has been sending my payments to Time Warner's old address, regardless of the fact that I updated my account. Talking with a representative, it seems that I am not the only person who has experienced this unpleasant HSBC/Time Warner miscommunication phenomenon.

Picture copyright Eric Hanson

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