Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am walking in Tragedy on the Catwalk . . .

. . .and I am probably the only person who has to solder their outfit for round 3. Which leads me to a somewhat funny story.

It occurred to me that maybe I could make my shirt out of a large circuit board from salvaged an old CD player. My first idea was to boil the board in order to soften the board to bend it into a concave shape. After about 10 minutes and inadvertently inhaling some fun cancer-causing agents, it dawned on me that most circuit boards were built to withstand extensive heat. Since the board was pretty much soaked and shot at this point, I just chucked it. Although I have once again brought myself closer to unexplainable dark patches on my lungs of whose likeness is often seen in those who work in 3rd world factories; I consider it a valuable learning experience all the same.

Which brings me to innovation 2: multiple circuit boards which I need to solder together. The funniest thing about it all is that I am kind of disappointed that I am wasting perfectly good circuit boards.

Besides this, I am working on some circuit bent toys I can actually affix to me. (The main concern though is how to affix the mini mixing board, effects pedals and possibly a practice amp to my back.) I am also making my own “walk song.” Too bad my good music rig is still down for the count and I will be faking it with this computer and it's not-so-musically inclined sound card.

Basically, I am showcasing all of my nerdy talents. Since the event is being filmed as a television pilot/series I thought that maybe I might be lucky and someone who needs sound effect work might see what I do and take an interest. I've never been one to seek fame or fortune, I am just looking to eventually be the guy (gal, actually) who makes the strange sounds for a living.

Picture Taken by Tammy Scott-Garner:

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